Will DVDs Be Worth Anything In The Future?

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Will DVDs Be Worth Anything In The Future?

Movies, music and gaming are some of the favourite choices of entertainment for people all around the world. With growing advancements in technology, we have come a long way with devices and systems that are much more convenient to use as well as being much more reliable. Where all media used to be on VHS format now we have DVDs and Blu-rays.  We now live in a world which is completely defined by the fast-paced and rapidly changing technology, evolving our lives into an easier and faster version of itself.

One of the most successful and profitable businesses in the world are those in the entertainment industry. Movies and music have always been a celebrated choice of entertainment as well as relaxation. The movie business has always enticed the audience and regular folks, marking huge success with revenues going from millions to billions every year. 

With the growing accessibility of the internet and better and faster networks, we can easily stream or download movies that we are interested in, but a decade ago DVDs were the most widely used device that allowed you to have movies or TV shows of your own and watch them at your own convenience.

Obviously, DVDs are not as popular as they once were but will they be worth anything in the future? 

The value of DVDs has plummeted in recent years and will likely continue to do so into the future. If you have a DVD that is special in some way such as signed by the actors or a rare release it could become more valuable in the future but that is because of the rarity of signature or release and not because it is a DVD. 

For the most part mass produced DVDs will continue to drop in value and will likely go the way of the VHS in the near future with them only being worth pennies to a few people. The only DVDs that may be worth something are collectible ones that were either limited releases, never officially released, or have something else special about them (such as signatures mentioned above). 

We will go into more depth about collectable DVDs next. 

The market for buying and selling of collectible DVDs

With the growing demand and popularity for some DVDs as a collectible item, more and more people are paying good money to purchase a rare movie or TV show that can’t be found anymore. There are many companies that can help you sell a movie or game that you no longer find useful and get a decent amount of money out of it. When selling to these companies the process is quick and reliable as most of the companies are transparent about how everything works and most of them will even tell you what they will pay you for the DVD upfront. 

These same companies will then turn around and sell the DVD at a marked up price to collectors or someone who is looking for a specific DVD. Selling to a company like this will cut into your profit a bit but it makes it much easier for you and you don’t have to deal with selling the item to another individual. 

You can always do a quick check online and learn about the company that you are selling to. 

If you are buying collectible movies from places like this it is important to read all of the reviews that they have on their site as well as on other sites. There are many online websites that offer you good deals and services, allowing you to easily compare and research about the product you are interested in, all while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

What makes a DVD a collectible item?

Not all DVDs can be sold for much money as the DVD needs to be rare and collectible in order to be worth any money at all. Each DVD is different, with varying retail prices and some DVDs are simply more desirable than others. There are certain factors that contribute towards deciding the price and demand of a DVD, some of them are listed below:

  • An out of print DVD which due to closed production can not be found easily on the market is considered to be collectible as it has limited availability with high demand.
  • Any kind of special cover art edition which varies from the regular main product photo and cover will also normally be in high demand due to the limited special edition print it offers. Due to less availability, it is normally expensive and a point of attraction for all the DVD collecting enthusiasts.
  • A signed copy of a DVD is always a popular choice from the perspective of DVD collecting enthusiasts as well as fans of the particular celebrity who signed the DVD. These are much more expensive and attract many enthusiasts increasing the demand for the limited product.
  • Time-limited released DVDs are also high in demand as they have far less availability due to the short time span that they are sold for. They are sold at a much higher price, due to high demand amongst the enthusiasts and less available units.

The popularity of music DVDs:

Music DVDs have always been a major hit amongst enthusiasts. More than a cultural activity and form of art, Music has always been our way of associating with something that we like and experiencing pleasure through it. With time, the change in music and the relatively different meaning that it holds for different individuals, the way it moves us emotionally is somewhat the same for everyone. With changing time, music has completely taken over us not only triggering our cognitive capabilities but also improving our health significantly. It has become an explosive emotion of humanity and no matter what culture we belong to we share the same love for music all across the world.

With modern-day technology, it is now much easier for us to listen and download online music and it is certainly far more convenient as well. Online streaming and downloading has virtually  put an end to the struggle of buying music cassettes, CDs or even DVDs of the performance or album recording.  

There are certain music DVDs or performances that have become more valuable over time and will likely continue to increase in value into the future. These DVDs are normally performed by a band or band member that wasn’t popular at the time but has become far more popular in recent years. Since there is less supply and the popularity has increased then the demand will drive prices up. 

Do we still need DVDs?

There is no doubt that the use of DVDs is not as popular in recent times as it was even a few years again. Quite simply with the continued advancement of streaming services many people have stopped buying DVDs altogether.  However, there are many people who love to have the actual movies or TV shows on DVD as what is on the different streaming platforms varies a great deal and many people find that a show that they were part way through watching will get pulled off the service. 

This is something that you never have to worry about when you buy the physical DVDs. 

There was a time when DVDs were a major hit and the best way to watch movies, store your music, or save all those home videos that you didn’t want to lose.  With their wide popularity and sales reaching millions, DVDs were extremely successful and brought convenience into the lives of people all around the world. 

But with better technology, DVDs continue to gradually be replaced by more convenient and compact devices that are much easier to use and store data on not to mention the fact that many modern movies and TV shows are all available via at least one of the streaming platforms that are around. 


Whether DVDs will be worth anything in the future or not is anyone’s guess. It is a good guess that the mass produced movies or TV shows will not be worth a whole lot as collectibles since hundreds of thousands of people will all have the same thing. Since the supply is high then prices will be quite low. 

If you want to see this in action check out your local Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and see how much DVDs are selling for. You can buy mass produced titles for under $1 each almost anywhere! 

The only DVDs that will go up in value in the future are those that are rare or have something special about them such as signatures, limited editions, or other similar things. A good way to know if your DVD will be valuable in the future is to see what it is selling for right now. If the DVD is only selling for a couple of bucks now then it likely won’t be valuable in the future. 

However if it is selling for a decent amount now (and isn’t a new release) then it is a good bet that it will also be valuable in the future. 

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