Will DVDs Become Collectible?

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Will Dvds Become Collectible?

With growing advancements in technology, things have significantly turned around and changed into a better and much more convenient and reliable version of itself. When we talk about technology it does not only include robotics and artificial intelligence, but it is a field much wider than that. It includes our daily lives, communication and even the way we consume entertainment, changing even the smallest inventions.

If we talk about the entertainment industry specifically, television and theaters have played a major role in establishing the popularity of the media industry and visual representations amongst people all around the world. CDs and DVDs were once the pillar of home entertainment which made bringing the big screen movies onto your televisions possible. Not only movies but gaming CD’s were also a major hit and those too are beginning to fade in popularity as download the games becomes more and more popular. 

With the growing accessibility of the internet all around the world, it has become the largest source of entertainment and marketing. Many people prefer online streaming services more than television or DVDs because not only it is much more convenient but also more affordable which makes it a much more preferable choice of entertainment. Now that the future is most certainly online streaming it is putting an end to DVD use entirely all across the globe. 

But, what does this mean for DVDs? Will they become collectable or will they all just end up in landfills? 

It is likely that some DVDs will become collectible over the next few years but the majority of them will not be worth collecting. Since there have been millions or billions of DVDs produced they will likely not be scarce anytime in the near future. Since there will be an abundance of DVDs available and many people will have stopped using them entirely unless you have a very rare DVD or a show that the streaming platforms do not have then the value of DVDs is likely to continue to drop moving forward. 

Of course no one knows for sure what the future holds so it is possible that the entire internet will crash and that streaming services will cease to exist… but the likelihood of that happening is virtually nonexistent and if it did we would have much bigger issues than just not being able to watch TV shows or movies! 

What is the future for DVDs?

With the increase in demand for online streaming services, DVDs have become outdated which in turn has caused less and less DVDs to be produced. DVD sales were at their peak around the year 2005 when they contributed to more than 50% of the home video market. Gradually the sales dipped due to the increase in demand for digital copies and streaming services, making that the real culprit for the dying sales of DVDs.

With changing times, DVDs are now perceived more as a novelty item or something that is purchased when you don’t want to pay monthly streaming fees rather than the best mode of entertainment. 

Some people are inclined towards buying DVDs for the purpose of trying to resell them at a higher price but people who do that are often disappointed as the demand for DVDs (especially used ones) continues to go down. Collectors may begin to buy up the more rare DVD releases but most DVDs were not rare at all and are unlikely to become a collectors item. 

In another 50-60 years DVDs might begin to become collectable but even then they will not likely be very valuable just like 8 track tapes are not very valuable to us today. 

What makes a regular DVD a collectible item?

Not all DVDs are the same neither do they hold similar retail value. Some DVDs can be exclusive and more popular whereas others can be common and not wanted at all. Each and every factor helps while deciding the popularity and price of a DVD, deciding whether it is a collectable item or just a regular DVD. Certain factors that can make a seemingly regular DVD a collectable item are -

  • A DVD which is out of print and can not be found easily on the market due to no new production of the same product is considered a collectable item because of no new production and limited availability.
  • A signed copy of DVD is always a popular choice from the perspective of DVD collecting enthusiasts as well as fans of the particular celebrity who signed the DVD. These are much more expensive and attract many enthusiasts increasing the demand for a limited product.
  • Any kind of special cover art edition which varies from the regular main product photo and cover will also be in  high demand due to the limited special edition print it offers. Due to less availability, it will be expensive and a point of attraction for all the DVD collecting enthusiasts.
  • Some DVDs are released and are time-limited, that is they are only sold for a short period of time resulting in less availability and higher demand. Such DVDs are also sold at higher rates as these can be incredibly hard to find.

It is important that you realize the worth of your DVDs as well as CDs, in order to know if it is a collectable item or not. There are multiple numbers of online websites that can help you in understanding more about the product and finding the right price for it. Be sure to keep all the factors in mind, such as the condition it is in, its popularity and availability as well as the present market value.

The popularity of gaming DVDs and CDs:

DVDs were not only popularly used for home videos and movies, but with the help of CD and DVD, the video gaming industry grew by leaps and bounds. Video games have always been one of the most preferred forms of entertainment, enthralling millions of players all around the world, with enticing gameplay and features.

Before the age of the internet, video games were not as easily available as they are today. There were CDs and DVDs that were actively sold in the market whereas nowadays CDs are hardly used and video games are mostly bought online directly from stores or official websites. 

Many popular gaming CDs and DVDs are also now a collectable item with a fan base of their own.

An emerging market for buying and selling DVDs

With the decrease in the value and sale of many DVDs some people have used this as an opportunity to find cheap DVDs and round out their collections without spending a fortune. Because of this increase in cheaper products many people have turned to finding deals online and buying their favorites for only a few dollars. 

Although these low prices certainly are not ideal for the people selling the DVDs they are great for the buyers. For example, here at Blaze DVDs we have $1.99 DVDs and $4.99 Blu-Rays that are all brand new. Those kinds of prices would have been unheard of just a few short years ago but with the decreasing popularity of DVDs the prices have continued to plummet. Our $1.99 DVDs can be found here and our $4.99 Blu-Rays can be found here. 


DVDs have continued to decrease in popularity over recent years and it is likely that some point in the next few years they will be phased out entirely. When that happens DVDs will likely still not all be collectibles as there are simply too many of them available. Some DVDs that are more rare or were released in limited amounts will become collectible but for most of the movies and TV shows that are on DVD the value will not be going up anytime soon. 

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