Why Did Violet Leave the TV Show Mom?

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Why Did Violet Leave the TV Show Mom?

Violet is a character in the American sitcom television series, Mom, which premiered on September 23, 2013. Her mom, Christy Plunkett, gave birth to her at the age of 17, and Violet, growing up after a rough childhood, does not exactly forgive her mom for not being a good parent to her while she was growing up.

Violet herself gives birth to a daughter at the age of 17 as well, seemingly continuing the trend from her mother and grandmother, who both gave birth at 17. But, she gives her daughter up for adoption because she doesn't want to be the kind of mom that her mom and grandma were.

By the fourth season of Mom, Violet, who had been a main character in the first three seasons, is no longer on the show. After quite a long time of seeing Violet on the show, many fans began to wonder why exactly she suddenly disappeared?

Chuck Lorre, the show's creator, has answers.

In an interview with Variety, Chuck Lorre talked about the decision to put the focus back on Bonnie, Christy, and their recovery group. According to him, it was very difficult not to have Violet and her on-screen brother, Roscoe, on the show, but taking them off at that time was the vision of the creators for the show. Obviously, the creators of the show wanted us to see more of Christy's and Bonnie's recovery and their journey towards becoming better people and better moms.

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Synopsis of Mom

Mom is the story of Christy Plunkett, a single mom who has battled, for a long time, with alcoholism and drug abuse. She moves to Napa, California, to start a new life where she works as a waitress as well as attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Her mother, Bonnie, is also a recovering addict.

Christy has a daughter, Violet, who she gave birth to at the age of 17. When Violet turns 17, she too gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Luke, and gives birth to a daughter. Christy also has a son called Roscoe, who she had by her ex-husband, Baxter.

While Christy is back in school and chasing her dream of becoming a lawyer, Bonnie tries to build a healthy relationship with Adam, her new husband. She had moved in with Christy after losing her job and her apartment. When Christy reconnects with her biological father, Alvin, Bonnie realizes she still has feelings for him, and they both rekindle their relationship. This relationship is, however, cut short as Alvin suffers a heart attack and dies. Bonnie also attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with Christy, and they both rely on the support they get from this group. Despite the different and sometimes-funny character traits of the various members of the group, they help one another stay sane in the face of life's challenges.

Violet's Relationships

In the midst of despising her mother for her neglect, Violet has quite a number of relationships that shape her character on the show.


Christy is Violet's mother, who she doesn't get along with for a very long time. Violet always despised her mother, who was typically drunk around her children, for the bad upbringing she gave her. She also blames Christy for many things, some of which are really not Christy's fault. When Christy gambles away the rent money and loses their house, Violet leaves Christy and moves to her friend's house. Before she leaves, she makes sure to tell her mother that everything that has happened to her is her fault. However, she returns after only a day having learned that it's always important to stick with family, and tells her mom that she'll always stick with her.

After many ups and downs and a series of dramatic events involving love, betrayals, distrust, and even pregnancy, Violet and her mom manage to repair their relationship and stick together.


Bonnie is Violet's grandmother and was pretty much the kind of mother her daughter, Christy, is. She gave birth to Christy at 17 and also did not raise her child properly. When we meet Bonnie, she is a recovering addict struggling to regain the trust and love of her daughter, who she couldn't properly raise as a child. Just like her daughter Christy, Bonnie is the perfect model of the kind of mother Violet doesn't want to become. Violet's relationship with Bonnie does not start off as hostile as her relationship with her mother, Christy, since it is Christy she specifically despises. However, neither Christy nor Bonnie is an example of a good mom or the kind she wants to be, and Violet doesn't start off having a good relationship with either of them.


Butch is Violet's biological father, who we never actually see on the show. Christy takes Violet to Butch's supposed grave, telling Violet that her father is dead. Christy is bent on never telling Violet who her real father is because he had physically abused her when they were together. Christy prefers for Violet to think that her father is dead, and for this reason, Violet never really has a relationship with her father.


Luke is Violet's boyfriend for a short time at the beginning of the series. Violet has a daughter with him whom they name Gweneth. At first, Luke does not support the decision to give their daughter up for adoption, but he eventually gives in after he realizes that the decision to give her up was for the best. He also realizes that there could be an opportunity for a job from Gweneth's adoptive father, and that's another reason he goes on with the adoption. Violet breaks up with him at some point, but they soon get back together and move in together.


Gregory is Violet's one-time fiancé. He's actually her professor in College, and after dating for a while, they are ready to get married. However, when Christy unknowingly spills that she had had a child, their relationship is shaken and ends; hence, canceling the wedding.


The TV show, Mom, has many twists and turns and up and down moments just like real life. The show portrays  many of the things that a lot of people deal with on a regular basis while still keeping the show light and funny. There are many times where Christy fails as a mother and also when Violet fails as a daughter but ultimately they work it out because they are family! 

Violet left the show Mom because the writers of the show decided that they wanted to take it in a different direction and place the focus more on Christy and Bonnie. Of course this upset many fans and since the show is still airing it is quite possible that Violet will come back at some point in the future but as for now she is no longer a part of the show. 

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