Will Disney Stop Making DVDs and Blu-Rays?

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Will Disney Stop Making DVDs and Blu-Rays?

Disney is a name which has been popular for years. Disney has never failed to impress people no matter what age they are with their ingenuity and the timeless classics that they have created. The movies are always amazing and they have continued releasing something new and exciting for many decades. Their growth too is quite amazing and many people continue to join the Disney family every year.

One thing that has helped make Disney a massive success in a variety of ways is the fact that they continue to make and release their popular films on the most popular media format. They used to have their movies on VHS, then they went to DVD, and then to Blu-Ray. Now they are beginning to release everything on their new streaming platform Disney+. 

With the release of the Disney+ platform and the incredible growth in streaming many people are wondering if Disney is going to stop making DVDs. 

As of now, Disney has not made an announcement that they will discontinue putting their movies and TV shows out on DVD and Blu-Rays. The way that streaming is trending however it wouldn’t be a surprise in a few years if Disney only releases films onto their streaming platform and stops making them on physical media. 

In the rest of this article we will dive a little bit deeper into this question and give out opinion on what Disney will do eventually. 

Disney and DVDs

All the movies that are produced by Disney stay in the theaters for a few weeks. Normally within 3-4 months of the release in theaters you will be able to purchase DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the movie. Disney has said that for now they will release movies onto their streaming platform an additional 3-4 months after the DVD/Blu-Ray release. 

As DVDs become less popular or in rare circumstances Disney has released movies onto the Disney+ platform much quicker. For example in early 2020 because of the shutdown of virtually the entire world Disney released Frozen 2 onto their streaming platform less than 4 months after it hit theaters. The movie Onward was only in theaters for under a month before Disney put it onto Disney plus as theaters around the globe were shutting down during that time. 

Onward is one of those rare instances where it was released onto the streaming service over a month before it was released on DVD and Blu Ray! 

Although in the past Disney has staggered their releases onto DVD for older movies there has been no word from Disney how that will work going forward since they now have a streaming platform with all of the “vault” movies available all of the time. 

For now, many of the Disney movies from years ago are available on a variety of platforms including our website. You can find all of our Disney DVD collections by clicking here. 

Will Disney Stop Making DVDs?

After the Disney Vault was virtually shut down because of Disney+, many people got scared that it may also lead to the end of DVDs. Although there are many new options available to watch these classic Disney movies, there are still many people out there who enjoy watching them on DVD. There has not been any official announcement from Disney about ending the release on DVD. All the new movies as of now are still coming out on the DVD and Blu-Ray formats. 

Although, in recent years DVDs are not a part of the combo packs with Blu-Rays which should be taken as a hint that Disney is getting away from that form of physical media. 

As of now many Disney DVDs are available from a variety of retails both online and off. You can often get these at an affordable price and will surely enjoy the high quality. Some of the older movies that have not been recently released can be more expensive to find but you can often find sets of them for a decent price. For example, we sell all three of the animated Aladdin movies for $32.99. 

There is certainly a chance that Disney may stop making DVDs to boost their streaming service in the future but there is no way to know when or if that will happen. In our opinion it is quite likely to happen sometime in the next decade as streaming becomes even more prevalent the demand for physical media will continue to dry up until it is no longer profitable for DIsney to release the movies on anything but their streaming site. 

Effect on such media

Formats like DVDs and Blu-Rays are becoming less and less popular all of the time because these cost a lot for the buyers and are also a little difficult to store. The demand for these has decreased over time but these still continue to exist on the market… for now.  

Many people are still interested in buying these and enjoy watching their favorite movies on DVD. The online streaming sites and other options available are certainly tough competition and are slowly eroding the popularity of all physical movies and TV shows. Why would you spend $20 buying a dvd when you can have access to an entire library of movies and TV shows for only a few dollars a month? 

Streaming sites are much cheaper and you can enjoy multiple shows and movies for one low price which is a much better option to go for. DVDs are still available on the market but the trend for these is vanishing and they may soon be phased out completely. 

Although it won't affect you if you already own a few DVDs as you will still be able to view them whenever you want, it will affect you in that you won’t be able to purchase new DVDs since they are no longer being made (when that actually happens). 

Disney Plus

Disney+ is the streaming site that was launched by Disney to ensure that all of their fans can continue to enjoy their favorite movies without any hassle. It is a paid streaming platform just like the others where you'll find amazing content. 

Disney knew that they had many loyal fans who would gladly sign up for a streaming service to not only have access to all of the new movies and TV shows but also have access to many of the older films and shows from many decades ago! 

On Disney+ you can stream whenever you want to with no ads and an easy to use interface. The subscription is affordable and Disney has already signed up 50+ million different users! 

Disney+ also contains more than just movies, they have many TV shows from the 90s that were (and still are) incredibly popular as well as many other newer TV shows like the Mandolorian, Clone Wars, and much more. Disney has continued to add content regularly and as their deals wind down with other streaming services they will add those movies to Disney+ as well. 


Sadly, DVDs which many people have memories attached to may soon vanish because of the changing trend but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy them. Even if Disney chooses to stop making DVDs, you can still enjoy the same content on DVDs that you have already purchased or via their streaming service, Disney+. Disney+ will surely offer you many more features than a DVD does and it is also quite budget friendly. 

It is highly likely that in the future DVDs and Blu-Rays will become entirely obsolete and all movies and TV shows will be on streaming platforms. Whether this happens in five years, ten years, or longer is anyone’s guess but everyone in the industry can see the writing on the wall and it is only a matter of time until Disney and all other companies stop making DVDs and Blu-rays all together. 

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