Is Game Of Thrones Available On DVD?

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Winter finally came to an end, after eight seasons, 73 episodes and one melted throne. Right from the moment it ended, Game of Thrones fans have been looking forward to having the TV show on DVD. 

The Game of Thrones complete collection has been released in a variety of places and as of now you can get all 8 seasons on DVD right here. You can find It is currently at a variety of local retailers including on our website! 

There have been a few different ways that the set has been released over the years. The set that we currently carry is a boxset of the first 6 seasons and then seasons 7 and 8 separately. They have recently released a complete series boxset as well that should be available at many big box stores soon. 

Buying any DVDs is a substantial investment but something that every Game of Thrones fan should make because it comes with every single episode from all 8 seasons. The seasons come with  a lot of extras as well so not only will you be able to enjoy the entire series all over again but you will get to enjoy some bonus footage as well. 

The complete series box set has a lot of additional content and more information about that boxset can be found below. 

The Box Set Contents

  • Extra video clips from seasons that have been previously released. These video clips are up to fifteen hours in length, allowing fans to refresh their memory of earlier seasons once they are done watching the show.
  • Its special reunion show shot live in Belfast with both present and the past cast of the show. This show was hosted by Conan O'Brien and is available on the Blu-Ray format collection. The reunion show was organized according to the major Houses in the show, which are Houses Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister. All the major characters had to stand before a live audience to speak about their experiences in Essos and Westeros.


This collection gives more insight into the historical background and prominent locations used in all the seasons. It also explains notable plots and subplots in the show. 


The most appealing aspect of having movies or TV shows on DVDs is having the producers explain the idea behind their choice of certain characters, and why they initiated certain plots and subplots. The complete DVD collection features ten different audio commentaries. Here, the cast and crew of the show explain certain events that happened during the shooting of the film. In season 8, the commentary features the creators of the show, Benioff, and Weiss.


There is a special 30-minute feature where the producers of the show, alongside other prominent members of the cast and even those who played peripheral roles, explain what happened at the "Battle of Winterfell." They explained how that scene was produced and filmed, and the kind of challenges they had to face while acting and filming it.


The DVD collection also features a documentary that recounts the creation of season 8. This documentary is entitled "Duty is the Death of Love," and it was produced by Jean Finlay. The collection also provides a fascinating insight into creators of Game of Thrones, including notable characters like Kit Harington and Emile Clark. It explains their journey throughout the show until the finale of the show, "The Iron Throne."

The most detailed documentary about the creation of the show is a two-hour documentary, called The Last Watch. It explains every little detail about the production of the show, from the logistics to every backstage personnel who made the show successful.

DVD Is a Lot Better

Fans who streamed the show online complained about the foggy locations used in shooting the show and the difficulty in properly seeing many of those scenes. Most of the locations usually looked quite dim and misty. And, of all the seasons, season 8 caused the most controversy among fans. They weren't pleased with the ending of the show, the sound quality of the series, and there always seemed to be some background noise which affected the quality of the audio. 

That's not all, most episodes in the final season had a poor picture quality when streamed online. Fans were fed up with the bad sounds and dark pictures, as it made it very hard for them to see or hear what exactly was going on.  The producers of the film were aware of all the complaints, so when they released the entire series onto DVD they attempted to fix all of those issues. 

Most of the disturbances that happened during live streaming are because of equipment problems and signal loss during live broadcasting. Fans can now watch Game of Thrones without all these disturbances. The DVD set has been carefully edited by HBO, as they didn't take the time to fix the issues with the seasons when they were streamed online. 

However, buying the DVD set comes with its own challenges. If you own a TV that is not HD, it may struggle to cope with the black levels of the DVD display. You may end up seeing grey sequences on your screen instead of black if you have an older tube style TV.  In order to enjoy the DVD set properly, you may need to get an HD television. This is important because there are a lot of dark scenes in Game of Thrones so, if your TV cannot correctly display this level of darkness with high picture quality, you may miss many parts of some of the most exciting scenes. This means that any issue you may experience while watching the DVD version is likely from your television or your personal computer. The DVD also comes with a significant improvement in color, as the physical appearance of the characters looks more real.

Even though the DVD comes with a mix of Dolby and Atmos, it is advisable to convert to the Atmos option if you have a great sound system. If you want to properly enjoy watching the show on DVD, you should go have a quality sound system, as they can make all the difference. Whether it is the clashing of swords at the Battle of Winterfell or Daenerys Targaryen's dragons breathing down fire, you need great speakers to enjoy all the amazing sound effects.

The best way to enjoy the greatest show in the history of TV is by buying the DVD collection, using a good sound system for great audio, and an HD TV that effectively portrays the excellent picture quality. Once you have all this, you're in for a treat!

If you are interested in buying all 8 seasons for one amazing price then we have the set available for $107.99. You can find it by clicking here

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