Is Chicago PD Available On DVD?

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After 128 episodes of thrilling drama, the first six seasons of Chicago PD came to an end on May 22, 2019. Fans of the police drama series, as always, have looked forward to having the TV series on DVD. For those who couldn't stream online or watch on TV, the DVD release of the show is undoubtedly good news.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has currently released the first six seasons of Chicago PD on DVD and is expected to release season 7 in the fall of 2020. The released DVD seasons are now available at a variety of local stores as well as on our website here. We sell it as a set of the first six seasons and will add additional seasons when they are released in the future. 

Each season of the show comes in a different individual wrapped case and has your favorite characters and remarkable moments displayed. Any fan of the show will find this a very worthy investment as there's really no better way to enjoy Chicago PD right now besides watching it on DVD! The set includes every episode from all 6 seasons on 33 discs. 

Now, you can take your time and digest the show at your own pace.

Chicago PD release dates

Season 1- September 2, 2014

Season 2- September 1, 2015

Season 3- September 13, 2016

Season 4- September 12, 2017

Season 5- September 12, 2018

Season 6- September 10, 2019

Season 7- Fall of 2020

Synopsis of Chicago PD

The men and women of the Chicago Police Department's District 21 put everything on the line to protect their community. Sergeant Voight, who's in charge of the Intelligence Unit, doesn't mind crossing legal and ethical lines to protect his city. Amid interpersonal disagreements, betrayal, police corruption, and heinous criminal activities, the Chicago Police Department must fight to protect the city it loves. It's a thrilling show with plenty of action and drama for you to enjoy. 


The DVD version of Chicago PD comes in a set of all six seasons and includes all the 33 discs that make up the six seasons.


  • Audio commentaries

Having your favorite actors and the creator of your favorite TV show offer audio commentaries on the show is certainly something to look forward to. It's exciting to hear what inspired the plot, the twists, and even the choice of characters for a particular role. Plus, you would be getting better insights into some of the events that took place on the show. The DVD version of Chicago PD offers audio commentaries to provide more insight into the show.  The season 1 DVD collection actually has audio commentaries from some of the actors and the creator, Richard Wolf.

  • Deleted scenes

Now, you have a chance to see and get an insight into those scenes you were prevented from watching on TV. The DVD version of Chicago PD also includes some deleted scenes you would certainly love to watch. You're probably also going to find out how they could have impacted the show or not as well as why they were taken out of the show.

  • Reels

The DVD version of Chicago PD includes the show's reel to give you a complete rundown of the whole idea behind the show.

  • Behind-the-scenes footage

This is, no doubt, one of the best features of the DVD version of this TV series. You certainly want to see the goofy aspects of your favorite actors, don't you? The DVD version of Chicago PD lets you have this. It includes behind the scenes footage so you can follow the whole shooting process. Now, you can be a part of the making of the film and watch your favorite actors goof around as the whole story comes to life.

  • Crossovers

The movie's crossovers, which are also included in the DVD collection, were actually shown on TV. But, if you did not get to watch those shows on TV, having the crossovers on the DVD collection is an excellent addition for you.

  • Subtitles

All DVD discs of Chicago PD come with subtitles to make it easier to follow the story, especially for people with hearing impairments. The subtitles included are in English.


The DVD version of Chicago PD comes in multiple formats, which include NTSC as well as widescreen.

A Special Review on the DVD features of Chicago PD Season 6

Season 6 comes with 6 discs and in subtitled and NTSC formats. It includes all 22 episodes of the season as well as the crossovers.

On the technical note, the episodes included are really just about a notch down from what was on TV or online. They're shown in 1:78:1 widescreen, which is high-definition. But, this isn't really as crisp as the broadcast HD.

The audio which the set offers is a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track. This is a very useful feature for a show where the dialogue sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

The Crossover Episodes from Chicago Med and Chicago Fire are included, so if you didn't watch those shows when they aired on TV and want these crossovers, here's an excellent addition for you.

Now, apart from those, there are really no special features on the DVD set for this season in particular. The collection mostly just includes what was on TV. Another downside to the DVD collection of this sixth season is that the only non-English language added to it is French and in subtitles only. This means that if English is not your first language, you're going to have quite a hard time with this season since there are no subtitles in any other language and no foreign audio tracks.

If you ignore these few downsides, however, you're surely about to have a very good time watching one of the most exciting TV shows there has been.


Chicago PD is an incredibly popular show with already 7 seasons of the show made and the show has even been renewed through season 10 already! As of now there are only 6 seasons that have been released on DVD but season 7 should be released in the fall of 2020. 

If you are interested in reading more reviews about the show or want to purchase all six seasons you can do so on our site by clicking here. 

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