Is Longmire Worth Watching?

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Longmire is a TV show that aired for a total of 6 seasons. The show follows a recently widowed Sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County in Wyoming. 

After losing his wife, Longmire is shaken and still trying to recover, hiding his pain behind a brave face. With the urging of his daughter, Cady, Longmire is set to take back his life. He decides to dive back into  his work with the support of Vicky, a female deputy and former Philadelphia police officer who is new to the department. He is also running for re-election, but with his young deputy, Branch, running against him for Sheriff, he feels betrayed. However, he stays committed to the community he serves as he slowly builds his life one step at a time.

Whether the show is worth watching or not really depends on your personal tastes. Many people loved the show but it was more popular with older people than younger and had a western drama type feel to it. The show was relatively popular when it was on TV with 3-4 million viewers per episode. It was cancelled on A&E after three seasons and the final three seasons were released via Netflix before they eventually cancelled it entirely in 2017. 

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Generally, Longmire is a man of few words, but he is also well known for his integrity and detective smarts as he chases and tracks down murderers. Meanwhile, with the help of his childhood best friend, Henry Standing Bear, Longmire deals with the dangers of politics in a small town like theirs.

Why is Longmire worth watching?

There are a few different reasons why people enjoy watching Longmire. Some of those reasons are: 

The storyline

Longmire presents one of the best storylines TV shows have offered in recent years. From the gripping death of Longmire's wife to the gory murders and the smart procedures of the police to catch the criminals, this is a show you would be happy to watch. It offers a series of intriguing events, betrayals, secrets as well as solid friendships. Each scene leads you to the next, and you're surely going to want more. You may even be sad when it finally comes to an end at the end of the sixth season. 

Exciting plot twists

The show comes with many very interesting plot twists and elements of surprise that will certainly keep you glued to your seat. Amid family dysfunctions, addiction, and poverty, crimes are happening in the county, with many of them even involving the Cheyenne Reservation. The Cheyenne's new casino's opening also presents an abundance of opportunities for the chaos that brings interesting drama. Beginning with the death of Walt's wife, the show, in the midst of all that's happening, gives us excellent suspense, proves our predictions wrong and presents us with many twists and surprises. 

If you've been considering passing over this show, you should totally rethink that and consider watching at least a few episodes to see what you think. 

Interesting Police procedures

In the face of all the crimes that happen on the show, the police department of Absaroka surely proves that they can do their job. There are very strong police procedures with the Sheriff, Longmire at the helm of affairs efficiently taking down criminals on a regular basis. The Police procedures are neat and interesting to watch, and with a variety of crimes and murders including even the murder of Longmire's young deputy, Branch, there's definitely something to look forward to.

The show employs obviously talented actors

Lead actor Robert Taylor does a great job of portraying the character of Longmire. He's a considerate man who plays the piano, quotes John Donne, and does not take satisfaction from arresting offenders as he believes there are always shades of grey, and right or wrong are not merely black and white all of the time. 

Henry Standing Bear is marvelously portrayed by Lou Diamond Phillips, and no doubt, Katee Sackhoff brings a very necessary toughness to the role of Vic Morretti, Longmire's female deputy. Zahn McClarnon's acts as Matthias, the tribal police chief, which is very well detailed as well as Graham Greene's classic presentation of Malachi Strand, the former tribal police chief who has issues to iron out with Longmire. 

There's no leaving out Bailey Chase, who incredibly plays the role of Branch Connally, the deputy who runs against Longmire for Sheriff. Plus, Cassidy Freeman's well-organized portrayal of the character of Cady Longmire, Walt Longmire's daughter, does a great job as well. 

The show portrays interesting themes

The show offers an enlightening look into the injustices which some Native Americans face in the present day. We are taken through the fallout from malpractice, which Native American women had to endure under white doctors in the 1970s. We also see the ejection of native children from their homes as well as the criminal acts of oil rig crews on Reservation land.

Mostly, the offenders are compassionate characters whose limits have been pushed. There is an episode that follows the death of a father whom a big corporate player is trying to push off his land.

The simple life which Walt Longmire lives is also another interesting theme that makes the show worth watching. He lives in a rustic log house overlooking the wide-open spaces and the mountains, but it's unfriendly terrain also poses a constant danger.

In an essay in the Washington Post, Craig Johnson, the author of the book, which the series is based on says, about his inspiration to create Longmire, that he is fascinated with the epic and romantic landscape of West America. He also shares his specific interest in Sheriffs because they're actually the only law enforcement agents who are elected into office by the people. As such, sheriffs are immediately responsible to the people and the community. According to him, he loves that the job is personal and has an immediacy that normal police officers could never have.

The setting

Longmire was filmed in the beautiful sceneries of New Mexico. In spite of the creepy crimes and many tragic events, the show offers scenery that makes it exciting to watch. The show also knows how to bring in just the right amount of humor that creates a more relaxed atmosphere.


If you're one of those who have been wondering if Longmire is worth watching or merely a waste of time, you probably needed to read this. People surely have individual preferences, but on a general note, Longmire is undoubtedly a great show with a thrilling story, obviously top-notch actors, exciting sceneries, and a lot of themes to humanely relate to. If you like crime series, Longmire is one that you shouldn't miss.

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