Are My Dvds Worth Anything?

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Are My Dvds Worth Anything?

DVDs- years’ worth of movies stacked on shelves lying useless at home.

Do you relate?

If you do, you’re at the right place. For years, DVDs have been mediums for entertainment that were popular and present in virtually every house in the USA. DVDs have brought our favorite movies and TV shows to our homes so that we can enjoy the experience right from our couches and chairs! Unfortunately, while DVDs still remain a large trend- they don’t hold a candle to the likes of Netflix, Hulu. Amazon Prime, DIsney+, etc. 

DVDs have lost their spot on the couch- but they probably still take up your shelf space. No one ever knows what to do with valuable old things that have lost their usefulness yet cost a lot of money to purchase originally. Well, your DVDs are worth more than just sitting unused or being discarded- your DVDs still have value!

Although DVDs are not worth as much as they once were used DVDs still have some value on the market. If selling DVD movies in bulk you can normally get between .50 and $1 each depending on how popular the titles are. If you have TV series’ on DVD then you can command a higher price for those items and depending on how old the series is they might be worth more than what you originally paid! 

It’s true- in an age where DVDs are about to go the way of the VHS or discos, DVDs still hold some value. But why?

Well, for the simple reason that old is gold.

Cheesy, but also true. You’ll find that your DVDs are worth a decent amount when you hop online for some well needed cash. Thousands of forums and online websites exist to provide a platform for your old and dusty DVDs. You can sell your DVDs locally as well but since there are less people in your area than you can reach online it will take considerably longer to find a buyer locally. 

How to find your DVDs’values?

You can determine your DVDs’ value by doing some thorough research. Look through various websites and check out the different listings to find out about how much yours is worth. To start you off, here are some things you can do:

  • You can check eBay and look at their sold listings. This gives you a genuine idea of the prices at which people buy DVDs. Make sure to only look at the sold listings and not what the items are listed for to gauge value. People can list things for whatever prices they want so just because an item is listed for $10,000 doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth that. 

You can find a list of multiple sales in the sold listings, and find out what price people have been willing to buy your DVD for in the past. Make sure that you’re comparing the same details, ranging from the DVD edition to its region code (the area of the world that it will play in). 

The sold listings help you avoid the inconvenience of looking through the huge variety of price points that people listy items for and allows you to get a genuine idea of the prices that you could expect your DVDs to sell for.

  • Another way to gauge what the value of your DVD is to visit an online used DVD store. Here, you can look for the same editions of your DVDs and note down the price that they are listed for. A great place to do this is FYE and look in their used section. This can help you understand what your DVDs are worth on an average scale. 

Some popular and remarkable used DVD stores include- Amazon (where you should look for used copies to compare), FYE (mentioned above), Bonavendi (this site allows you to compare DVD prices from different stores and calculate which one might work the best for you).

  • You can also look for forums which are enthusiastically working to promote topics related to DVDs, movies, and helping out collectors and other DVD enthusiasts. If you’re still confused about the price at which you should list your DVD, you can always ask on the forum, and a DVD whiz will be sure to answer and assist you on your journey! 

Some popular online forums that you should refer to include the likes of DVD Talk, AV Forums, Reddit/dvd collection, Rebel scum (which is a forum for star wars collectors), and so many more! You can ask around in multiple forums for assurance so that you get the right value that your DVD deserves.

You can sell your old DVDs both locally as well as online. If you post your DVDs for sale locally, it is possible that you may come across a collector or a buyer who may be interested in purchasing them. However, it is recommended for you to look for buyers online- you can reach far and wide through an online portal. Thus, instead of settling for a lower price locally, you can get a better price online. 

Selling DVDs Online

There are two ways by which you can sell DVDs online. One of them includes the usual process- you show off your DVD on a public platform and wait for a buyer to approach you. Another common practice is to directly sell your DVDs to online buyback stores. In your stead, these stores will sell the DVD again at a marked up price. Online buyback stores are trustworthy- and quite a lot of customers flock to them. You can be assured of a sale without worrying about paying a selling fee but you will give up some of the price for the convenience. 

In fact, some stores will go as far as to pay the shipping cost of the DVD as well.

On a peer to peer platform, the entire process of selling and shipping rests on your shoulders, but this also means that you get to set your own pricing and also get to get a higher sale price. 

Some popular online platforms where you can sell your used DVDs are-

  • Amazon Trade-In
  • Buyback express
  • FYE
  • Decluttr
  • eBay
  • Amazon (they allow you to sign up as a third party seller)

Some tips:

If you’re going to sell your DVDs, there are some things you should keep in mind so that you can make the most of your sale.

  • Make sure to find and compare different online platforms to sell your DVD. Different platforms can benefit you differently (paying shipping costs, guaranteed sales, etc). Take these factors into consideration.
  • Thoroughly examine and research your DVD. Look online and find out how valuable your DVD is so that you get what you deserve for it.
  • Post on a forum and take advice from expert DVD collectors. Find out what they look for and like to see when they buy a DVD, and include these factors on your listing.
  • Keep your DVDs in good condition. This can only make your DVDs more desirable to your customers, so keep up the condition and appearance of your DVDs.
  • Look for accessories and extra features that initially came with the DVD package- and include them in your sale as well!

  • Go about the selling process carefully. You don’t want to get scammed! Make sure to get payment first before you ship the package and if you are unsure contact the sales platform to check. These types of scams are extremely prevalent on eBay.


Old DVDs can be a headache- but not anymore! Use the above tips and sources to send away your DVDs to someone who will definitely treat and value them better, all while earning some extra cash along the way. You will get to clean off your shelves (or storage room) and make a little bit of money in the process! 

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