Are DVDs Affected By The Cold?

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Are DVDs Affected By The Cold?

DVDs are one of the most popular devices which is used to store data such as games, movies, TV shows, or a whole host of other things. As a user, you should do all that you can to take much care of your DVDs as it can get distorted if not stored properly after each use. The proper storage of your discs requires them to not be in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and to not be exposed to too much humidity. 

Exposure to cold may cause harm to your DVDs and you may be not able to use them afterwards. DVDs that are stored in the cold will often draw moisture and condensate. That in turn will cause the discs and the DVD case to begin to mold and mildew which can eventually cause the DVD to not work at all. Cold temperatures in and of themselves will not harm a DVD besides making it more brittle but often people don’t properly care for their DVDs after they have been left in the cold and that is what causes the issues. 

Damage to your DVDs will lead to improper function of the DVD which of course will lead to frustration and eventually having to spend the money to buy new ones. To avoid all of these issues, it is important to keep your DVDs in a safe place that does not get too hot or too cold. 

Effects of the cold on DVDs

DVDs are very delicate devices that are used to store data for a variety of usage by people. If you are wondering whether DVDs are affected with cold or not, then you need to know that the temperature should always be appropriate while storing DVDs otherwise they may stop functioning and your important data (or movies and TV shows) may be at risk. 

Exposure to cold temperatures will make your DVDs brittle and the risk of breaking them will greatly increase. Cold temperature turns a DVD rough and brittle with which they are very much prone to breakage. That’s why it is advised to store your DVDs in a suitable place where there is an adequate temperature of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Implementing this will help you in saving your DVD from breaking as well as from data loss. 

Is there any data loss due to cold?

No, there is no data loss if DVDs are exposed to cold temperatures for a long point of time. The only risk is of breakage or cracks in the DVDs or issues with moisture once they warm back up. If you realize that your DVDs were accidentally stored in cold temperatures, all you need to do is to warm them up (being careful not to drop or damage them) and then clear away any moisture that they gather with the change of temperature. 

Save DVD labels from damage

DVDs are at risk when exposed to cold temperatures. The part of the DVD that is most likely to get damaged is the label of the DVD. That is because the label is much more likely to get destroyed or messed up because it will absorb moisture when the DVD is warming up. This moisture will cause the label to get discolored as well as likely cause the DVD to get off balance when attempting to play it. 

Removing the label is an option if it does get moisture damaged but often only a portion of the label will come off making the DVD vibrate when played in a normal DVD player.  This issue can be avoided by not leaving DVDs in cold temperatures for long periods of time! 

A suitable place to store DVDs

If you love the data present on the DVD then you need to select a small place in your house or apartment  to store the DVDs at. The place which you are going to select to put your DVDs must be clean and should be at the right temperature. It should not be too hot nor too cold, and it also should not have too much humidity. 

The place should be out of reach of children so that any physical damage to your DVDs can be avoided. In the time of computers and laptops, DVDs are regarded as one of the most important things to store data in the form of documents, music, movies, important videos, and other significant things. Once the data is lost then you will not be able to recover that data anymore So, taking all these things into consideration, you need to be wary of everything that can damage your DVDs. 

Suitable temperature for DVDs

If you are using a DVD for storing information or other important things, then you need to keep it as safe as possible. The best temperature in which DVDs should be kept is 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Put simply, the temperature should be neither too low nor too high. It should be moderate so that DVDs can survive as long as possible and can be used for as long as it is needed. 

How to take care of your DVDs?


Temperature is not the only issue that can affect your DVDs as many other issues may cause a problem for it.. Here are some of the safety measure which may save your DVDs from data loss or breakage:

  • You need to place your DVDs in a proper place so that it may be saved from any type of breakage and cracks. Proper racks should be installed with proper slots where DVDs can be placed safely or using a closet with higher shelves will also work well if you have younger children.
  • The temperature level of the place where DVDs are kept should be proper as cold temperatures may cause breakage.
  • Exposure to cold temperature will not erase the data on the DVD but after remaining in cold temperatures for a long time, it may become brittle and cracks will happen with the slightest pressure. Obviously a cracked DVD will not function properly.
  • Moisture on the label may turn the DVD slightly different after remaining in the cold temperature and it will be imbalanced which may cause improper function of the DVD when you are trying to play it or use it with your computer. Moisture is something that you should avoid at all costs!

These are some of the things which may be implemented by users who have their important data saved on DVDs or those people who have a large collection of movies and TV shows that would be expensive to replace. 


Cold temperatures affect DVDs as they may stop working due to cracks, breakage, or moisture causing mildew or issues with the label. To save your DVD from cold temperatures, you need to search for a suitable place where you can store your DVDs and keep them from having any issues. Loss of data may happen if you fail to take care of your DVDs and you may not be able to recover the data at all if it is unique and if the disc is damaged badly enough. 

Short periods of time in the cold for a few hours or even a few days shouldn’t cause any major issues but you will certainly want to avoid storing DVDs in the cold to prevent any issues like those above from happening. 

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