Are Disney DVDs Valuable?

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Are Disney DVDs Valuable?

Disney is a decades old company that has been consistently putting out thrilling, fantastic, and excitement provoking movies for many many years From classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to iconic movies like the heart-wrenching Lion King that can squeeze out a tear or two, Disney movies have been treasured for a long time and will continue to be treasured for years to come. From kids to fully grown adults, it is hard to find someone who is not a fan of at least some of the movies that DIsney has made over the last 80+ years (yes they have been making movies since 1938)! 

Disney’s films continue to be masterpieces and though the people and characters have come and gone over the years Disney films continue to be profitable and fill the theaters. However, Disney had made some remarkable changes to the making of these films over the years. Disney has remastered their VHS and DVD’s and continues to  package them into higher quality recordings to keep up with the current technology. However, Disney is almost as old as time itself and it is certain that people still own tapes from the golden ages of VHS and DVD’s. 

Perhaps you have a bunch of old Disney DVDs laying around that don’t get used much anymore because your kids are grown or because of Disney’s new streaming service you no longer want or need the physical copies of the movies. Are Disney DVDs worth anything? Are they valuable at all? 

All Disney DVDs have some value to them and they will continue to have value until DVDs become entirely obsolete. With the release of the Disney+ streaming platform, Disney DVDs are certainly not in as much demand so the prices could fall considerably over time. The Disney DVDs do have some value but they are certainly less valuable than their original sales price and their value will likely continue to drop over the next few years. 

In the rest of this article we will discuss some different things that will affect the value of specific DIsney DVDs which will hopefully help you decide if your DVDs will be more valuable in the future or if you should sell them all whenever you are finished using them. 

Why are Disney DVDs Valuable?

There are two different things that must be taken into consideration when determining whether an old DVD is valuable or not. They are: demand and rarity/availability.

By demand, we obviously mean the factor of desire that’s been directed towards a certain DVD. How popular was the movie or TV Show when it came out? How noteworthy was its impact on the viewers? Were people driven by a want to have the movie at home? And most important of all, do people still want to purchase that item. 

Also it is important to consider any signs of unique packaging, special features and bonuses that come with the DVD packaging that could make it more valuable. Maybe your DVD was a limited edition package or maybe it has some popular person’s signature on it. These things can greatly increase the value of the item. 

DVDs increase in value when seen from the eyes of a DVD collector who will do whatever it takes to get their hands on this pristine gem. You’ll find that many DVD collectors may be hunting for the version you have and that may make the DVD command a much higher sales price. 

However, many people also can be on the lookout for specific DVD’s to add to a primary series of DVDs that they already own. They aren’t necessarily collectors but a buyer may be looking for “The Sleeping Beauty” DVD to add it to their collection of Princess Movies so they could be willing to pay more for it. 

All of the above details pertain to the demand factor concerning your DVD.

However, rarity is an important aspect as well. When does a DVD become rare? Limited releases, outdated prints etc. all of these are valid reasons. Rare DVD’s are those that are not in production anymore, or were once upon a time, in production for a period before they faded out. 

Usually, original editions of DVD’s are considered extremely rare. You might also want to take into consideration the geo-location of where the DVD was sold. For instance, a DVD released in a certain part of the world only might be rare when compared to one that is released all over the globe. Also, autographed DVDs really hit it off in the rare section. If signed by an actor, director or a character, this DVD is positively a shining jewel that buyers will likely pay a high premium to get their hands on. 

So, as these factors- demand and rarity increase, a DVD becomes more valuable in the eyes of the buyers.

However, this is not all of the things that affect the value of a DVD.  If you want to really sell your Disney DVD for a high price you need the secret ingredients: appearance and condition.

If you were a buyer, you would not want to buy a battered and virtually destroyed DVD no matter how rare or how in-demand it might be. If it’s already in bad condition, it might just die entirely by the time it gets in your hands and you likely wouldn’t want to display it as a prominent piece of your collection. 

So, when a DVD is preserved and maintained in good condition, the value of the DVD will increase greatly (assuming it is something that people want to collect). 

For instance, eBay says that a seller must meet certain standards if he/she is trying to sell a DVD on their website. These standards range from the condition of the DVD being brand new to just over acceptable. The pre-determiners for this are that your DVD must have never been opened(brand new), opened but should look as good as new (like new), used but should have minimal traces (very good) a little wear and tear but must still work (acceptable). 

As a seller, you can refer to many condition guides online to find out if you have preserved your DVD right, and how many people are going to want it. 

Of course no matter how good of condition your DVD is in if it is not a popular movie then it likely won’t be very valuable or you will have difficulty selling it. For example, if you have a brand new condition Disney DVD but there are tons of them on the market and there is nothing special about the one that you have, then you are unlikely to get a high price when you go to sell it! 


In conclusion, if you want to make a little side-cash, your old and valuable DVDs are a godsend. Make sure that when you start selling them you accurately describe the condition that they are in as well as describe anything special about them. If you have an incredibly rare version of the DVD but you don’t tell anyone that it is that rare version then no one will buy it! 

When selling your Disney DVDs some things to remember are:

  • DVD’s released as an original or limited editions are exceptionally attractive to buyers. These will likely  earn the most profit.
  • Before putting up your DVDs for sale, gather an estimate for how much your DVDs are generally worth. Scour online sites and look for similar DVDs that are being sold online so that you know exactly how much yours are worth. Old is gold, so don’t settle for anything less.
  • Compare the condition of your DVD to that of other similar editions that are being sold online. Make sure that your DVD is up to par and ready to sell. If not, you best start brushing up.
  • If you have any valuable DVDs that have remained unopened over the years, kudos to you! These are probably the most popular and in demand versions, so these would be a great place to start selling.
  • You can also sell your DVDs at a higher price on websites that exclusively trade in collectibles if your Disney DVD has something special about it such as autographs, signed pictures or letters, or other similar things.

Hopefully, now you know why you shouldn’t remain a sleeping beauty when it comes to your Disney DVDs. Many buyers are probably enthusiastically awaiting your DVDs the same way you’re awaiting that extra cash. 

Find out the value of which ones you specifically have and get to selling them! 

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