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Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set

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Included in this set is 

Episode IV, A New Hope
Commentary by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren, and Carrie Fisher

Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back
Commentary by George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren, and Carrie Fisher

Episode VI, Return of the Jedi
Commentary by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren, and Carrie Fisher

Also included are over 4 hours of special features including:

* "Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy," the most comprehensive feature-length documentary ever produced on the Star Wars saga, and never-before-seen footage from the making of all three films
* Featurettes: The Legendary Creatures of Star Wars, The Birth of the Lightsaber, The Legacy of Star Wars
* Teasers, trailers, TV spots, still galleries
* Playable Xbox demo of the new Lucasarts game Star Wars Battlefront
* The making of the Episode III videogame
* Exclusive preview of Star Wars: Episode III


Please Note: This item may have the exterior box faded or slightly crushed from shipping. The interior cases will not be damaged or loose in anyway. 

Closed Captions and Details

Audio Language: English, Spanish, French

Subtitles: English

Format: Anamorphic Widescreen (No black bars on the top and bottom)

Region Code: Region 1 (Plays in the USA and Canada)

Disc Format: Regular DVD 

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

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