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Peter Pan DVD 1 & 2 Includes Both Movies

Peter Pan DVD 1 & 2 Includes Both Movies

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Go flying off to Neverland in this 2 movie DVD set. Join Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys as they meet their new friends Wendy, John and Michael. As Peter shows Wendy around the island John, Michael, and the Lost Boys are captured by the Indians. What is normally a playful game between the Indians and the Lost Boys soon takes a turn as the Chief believes the Lost Boys have taken Princess Tiger Lily. Peter rescues Tiger Lily from Captain Hook just in time and returns her to her father. Wendy, John, and Michael become homesick and travel back to London to reunite with their family.

Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland picks up the story as Wendy is grown and married and has children of her own. It is war time in England and there are constant air raids. To protect the children they are being sent away from their families to live in the countryside. Jane doesn't believe in the fairy tales of Peter Pan which puts her at odds with her mother and younger brother Danny. In the middle of an air raid Hook and his crew capture Jane thinking she is her mother Wendy. They plan on using Wendy as bait to capture Peter Pan. When Peter rescues Jane and she tells him she doesn't believe in him or fairies Tinkerbell's light begins to go out. The only way to save Tink is for Jane to believe!

This Set inlcudes both Peter Pan 1 and Peter Pan 2! 

Audio Language: English, French, Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Format: Anamorphic Widescreen (No Black Bars on the Top or Bottom)

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