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NBA Street Series - Ankle Breakers Volume One (DVD)

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Allen harson, Michael Jordon, Steve Fracis, Jason Williams, Tracy McGrady... Before they reigned supreme on the hardwood, these NBA superstars practiced their art on the asphalt. Now you can join your favorite hoops heros for an awe-inspiring display of on-court acrobatics and blazing foot spread. One stutter step, one crossover dribble, one ball fake, and they're gone. Catch the excitement as the world's best ball handlers hone their skills, polish their moves and build their reps. From the sizzling asphalt of the playgrounds to the world-class arenas, Ankle Breakers takes you into the paint and beyond the basket with the game's greatest players. Hosted by street ball legend and NBA All-Star Stephon "Starbury" Marbury. NBA Street Series crushes the competition!