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My-Hime Z: My-Otome, Vol. 3

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Its exam time at Garderobe! While Arika's worried about her written exam's what's really got her stressed is the wilderness survival test. Will she pass when her partner Erstin falls prey to nature? Can Arika rescue her friend without failing? Or will the nomadic group of cyborgs known as Aswald stand in the way of this Otome in training and her Meister dreams? As the threat of the Aswald is over-come a new challenge arises! A mysterious foreign prince appears in the country of Windbloom with intentions of courtship for Queen Mashiro. When Mashiro goes missing it's up to Arika to step in and put on a farce of royal proportions. Can this Otome fool the prince despite her less than queenly demeanor or will her cover be blown, causing an international incident? Production by Studio Sunrise, Story by Hiroyuki Yoshino, and music by Yuki Kajiura. Genre: Action/ Comedy/ Romance.