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Madison's Colour Adventure on DVD

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Snapatoonies is a multi award winning educational DVD program to help babies and toddlers learn fundamental communication, language, reading, math skills and general knowledge faster and easier than ever before. Madison's Color Adventure Snapatoonies Episode 16 Meet Madison. Discover many different colors and the world around you as Madison takes you on a four season color adventure. Top 5 reasons Snapatoonies is perfect for your baby, toddler or preschooler 1. Real language Snapatoonies promotes communication skills. Listening to real sentences helps children learn to speak clearly and succinctly. 2. Low Animation levels Snapatoonies has low level and slow moving animation. Children can process and absorb the material presented, without over stimulation. 3. Interactive Snapatoonies is one of the most interactive TV shows made. The characters are constantly asking your children to participate and answer questions. 4. Positive reinforcement. Snapatoonies offers your child constant positive communication and participation encouragement. We know your child is clever and we make sure we tell them. 5. Educational Snapatoonies is absolutely jam packed with learning.