The Big Bang Theory TV Series Complete DVD Box Set

The Big Bang Theory TV Series Complete DVD Box Set

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The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS in 2007. The show is primarily centered on 7 characters: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, and Amy. Throughout its ten seasons the show has had many ups and downs and twists and turns. Leonard has been together and apart with Penny countless times, Howard went to space and back and somehow manged to find a wife, Sheldon has annoyed the group way more than they are willing to admit while also getting a fiance, and Raj has had failed relationship after failed relationship but can finally talk in front of women. Every episode is a load of laughs and you can't help but fall in love with every character as they travel through life together. 




Commonly Asked Questions

Is the Big Bang theory a good show?

The answer to this varies depending on your personal tastes. I personally like the Big Bang Theory show as the humor and quirkiness appeals to my tatses. Some people find the jokes not very funny but others thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. 

Towards the end of the show they were more concerned about wrapping up all the storylines so it wasn't as funny as some of the earlier seasons but they way they ended the show was much better than some shows that just stop in the middle of the storylines. I would recommend watching the first season or two before deciding if you want to watch the entire series. 

Is the Big Bang theory appropriate?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what age groups you are wondering about. The show is appropriate for teenagers and above in most situations. There are quite a few innuendos as well as some relationships that might be a little too racy for younger viewers. Teens and older will enjoy the wit without exposing them to things that they haven't seen or heard mentioned before in most situations. 

What is the Big Bang theory show about

The Big Bang Theory follows the lives of 4 friends and their neighbor across the hall, Penny. The four friends, Leanard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj, are all brilliant nerds that don’t get out much and spend much of their time working on the latest scientific breakthrough or playing D&D. 


After Penny moves in across the hall she slowly joins their group even though she is the exact opposite of a nerd. As the show progresses, there are many other main characters that are added including Bernadette, Amy, Stuart, Howard’s Mom and others. There are always a variety of special guests (Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Adam West, Bill Nye, George Takai, and many others)  that appeared for an episode or two as well as different love interests of the friends that come and go throughout the series. 


The series basically follows the friends through their everyday life situations including many ups and downs, breakups and weddings, births and deaths, and much much more. Many people love the show because of how closely it resembles real life at times. It portrays many of life’s problems that we all face which often helps us feel better about our own problems. 

Are the Big Bang Theory actors really smart?

Surprisingly, the answer is no besides the actor who plays Amy, Mayim Bialik. She has a PHD in neuroscience but besides that none of the actors have degrees or are really geniuses as portrayed on the show. Many people think Sheldon (Jim Parsons) must really be a genius in real life but he is actually just a genius as an actor! Besides Amy, none of the other actors from the Big Bang Thoery are actually scientists. 


Just because they don’t have a PHD doesn’t mean they aren’t smart though. To make a living on TV it certainly does require some smarts as well as tenacity as acting is far from an easy field to break into (as evidenced by Penny on the show). 


In regards to being scientifically smart though, in real life only Amy (Mayim Bialik) is the truly smart one which I feel must have annoyed Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to no end! 

Is the Big Bang Theory filmed on Friends set?

Many people think that the Big Bang Theory was filmed on the same set as Friends since both are set in apartments. Both shows share the same set designer, John Shaffner, but that is where the similarities end. Both sets were designed specifically for each show and they don’t share any of the same rooms or besides being similar designs since the same designer worked on both shows. 

Is the Big Bang Theory bigger than Friends?

The Big Bang Theory recorded 279 episodes over 12 seasons while Friends recorded 236 over 10 seasons so in that aspect the Big Bang Theory is bigger. 


Friends most watched episode drew in 52.9 million viewers while the Big Bang Theory’s most watched episode drew in 18.2 Million people. Obviously looked at this way Friends was much bigger than the Big Bang Theory. 


Over its ten season run, Friends average 25.48 million viewers per episode while the Big Bang Theory only averaged 16.35 million viewers per episode over its 12 season run. 


Assuming the question wasn’t about the number of episodes based on the numbers above it is quite easy to determine that although the Big Bang Theory was quite a popular show, it was no where close to as popular as Friends. 

Did the Big Bang Theory use a laugh track?

The Big Bang Theory was filmed in front of a live studio audience so the laughs that you hear during the show are genuine laughs and not something that was added to the show at a later time. However, many people still aren’t convinced that all of the laughter is entirely genuine as sometimes it just seems too enthusiastic especially for some of the more mediocre jokes. 


If laughter was added to the show later or if they planted people in the audience to laugh at specific times unfortunately we will never know unless someone from the show comes forward. Even if multiple members of the crew were to come out and say that the laughter is 100% genuine everyone wouldn’t believe them anyway so we will probably never know for sure. 

Is the Big Bang Theory on DVD?

Yes, they have released all 12 seasons of the series on DVD. The final season (season 12) was released on November 12, 2019. As of this writing they haven’t released a complete series boxset of the show but there are many places that sell all 12 seasons of the show in one set including us. You can currently get all 12 seasons on DVD for only $127.99! 

Closed Captions and Details

Audio Language: English

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Format: Anamorphic Widescreen (No black bars on the top/bottom)

Region Code: Region 1 (Plays in the USA and Canada)

Disc Format: Regular DVD 

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

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