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Militant Eagle / The Prodigal Boxer (DVD)

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MILITANT EAGLE: The war may be over, but the fighting has just begun. A soldier returning home from battle joins forces with villagers seeking justice after their families are brutally slain. The action spans from frenzied battlegrounds to whirling hand-to-hand combat. One plot twist follows another in this leaping, battering classic set in long-ago Imperial China. Eagle flies! PRODIGAL BOXER: Each defeat makes him stronger. Fei Meng (Five Fingers of Death) plays Fong Sai-Yuk, the beloved hero of Chinese lore. Thwarted in his early attempts to settle a score with the corrupt martial arts masters who killed his father, Fong Sai-Yuk develops his amazing fighting skills under the tenacious guidance of his mother, eagerly awaiting the day she pronounces him ready to do battle. When he's ready, stand back!

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