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What's New Scooby-Doo, Vol. 2 - Safari So Good!

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Product Description

SAFARI, SO GOODI! follows SPACE APE AT THE CAPE as the second compilation of episodes from the hit TV series, WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO? The collection contains 4 episodes: (1) SAFARI, SO GOODI! Concerned about the region's diminishing animal population, Velma takes the gang to East Africa for a video safari. Once there, they learn the animals aren't just disappearing--they're being replaced by shape-shifting jungle demons! (2) ROLLER GHOSTER RIDE The gang prepares for a day of adventure at Thrillrides. But fun turns to danger and mystery when they encounter a series of "accidental" malfunctions on the park's attractions. (3) IT'S MEAN, IT'S GREEN, IT'S THE MYSTERY MACHINE The Mystery Machine becomes a mystery itself when it suddenly seems to have a mind of its own. (4) RIVA RAS REGAS The gang's trip to Las Vegas for a pop concert turns into a ghost hunt when the specter of Rufus Raucous, a masked magician thought to be dead, wreaks havoc in the theater.

From the Back Cover

Scooby Doo and the gang hit the road again to solve four funnybone-chilling mysteries! Their first "hood-dunnit" is quite a surprise when accusing eyes steer toward a trusted friend ("It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine.") Then, before Scooby-Doo can utter "Riva Ras Regas," a masked magician steals the show when he becomes a phantom at a pop concert! After that, Scooby-Doo can't wait to take a "Roller Ghoster Ride!" at the world's most exciting extreme sports theme park...until everything breaks down making it an experience he'd love to forget. Finally the gang flies off to Africa for a video animal "Safari, So Good!" only to learn that -zoinks!-they're really shape-shifting jungle demons!

Episodes include:

"It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine"

"Riva Ras Regas"

"Roller Ghoster Ride!"

"Safari, So Good!"

4 episodes Learn the Lingo - Velma translates Scooby talk Road Trip - learn about the settings of the cases

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