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Waterproof HD Spy Watch

Waterproof HD Spy Watch

  • $ 5999

This Waterproof video and audio watch is the perfect tool for capturing crisp high resolution video and audio!

The sporty divers design that is extremely popular today makes this just the thing for covert surveillance operations. The stylish black and red face of the dial conceals a mini camera with a recorder capable of gathering both audio and video recordings as well as keeping track of time. This watch isn't just a tool for measuring time. A water-resistant watch with a camera built-in. Wear the wrist watch, just press the record button to begin to record color video with crisp clear sound / voice.. The value of this device goes far beyond its price! Don't hesitate to get this device to record your life now!


1.Video Resolution: 720 x 480
2.Video Format: AVI, 30fps
3.Camera Photo: 1280 x 1024,JPG
4.Memory: 8GB
5.Connect to computor: USB 2.0
6.Flash: 4G
7.Charger Voltage limit: 4.2v battery norm:3.7v/260mAh
8.Two hours of battery life