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The Mexican on DVD

The Mexican on DVD

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A clumsy criminal is put in a position where he not only has to save his own skin, but that of his girlfriend in this comedy with st rong underc urrents of romance. Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt) is a low-level Mafia "mech anic" whose ineptitude is countered by frequent ( but unpredictable) bur sts of dumb luck. Jerry's girlfriend Samantha (Julia Roberts) wants him to get out of the business, and after his latest blunder lands capo Arno ld Margolese (Gene Hackman) in jail, so does mid-level crime kingpin Ber nie Nayman (Bob Balaban). But Bernie insists that Jerry do one last erra nd for the mob before they let him find employment elsewhere — he has to go to Mexico and recover a rare and very valuable pistol, which is said to be cursed. While Samantha objects to Jerry taking the assignment, he i sn't in much of a position to argue; Jerry heads south of the border, while Samantha, in a huff, sets out for Las Vegas. Once in Mex ico, Jer ry finds the pistol easily enough, but making his way back to the States proves to be an unexpected challenge. Meanwhile, Je rry's superiors wan t insurance that he'll return with the goods, so they hire Leroy (James Gandolfini), a hitman, to kidnap Samantha and hold her hostage until Je rry comes back. However, Samantha and Leroy quickly strike up a friendsh ip, and she soon learns the gu nman has a sensitive side he doesn't show to the world — along with a few other secrets. The Mexican marked the f irst screen pairing for mega-stars Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt — though , given the film's narrative arc, they play only a handful of scenes tog ether. T he film was directed by Gore Verbinski, who won awards for his work in commercials before breaking through with the quirky family co me dy Mouse Hunt.

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