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The Backyardigans It's Great to be a Ghost on DVD

The Backyardigans It's Great to be a Ghost on DVD

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There's a whole world waiting to be discovered right outside in the backyard--it just takes imagination and a little help from the BackyardigansNick JR's Backyardigans is a computer animated series about five preschool-age animals who spend their days playing together in a shared backyard. By using their imaginations, Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin experience life as ghosts, solve a monster mystery, embark on a quest to save Egypt from a drought, and search for buried treasure. Besides having lots of fun, the group learns about overcoming fears, the investigate process, and the importance of things like cooperation, sharing and saying please and thank you. Each of the four 25-minute episodes features a healthy selection of musical numbers in a specific musical style: 1920's jazz, 1960's rock-n-roll, Broadway musical, and reggae. Special DVD features include an introduction to each character and his or her personality, suggestions of "how to be a Backyardigan," and the music video "A Pirate Says Arrr." (Ages 18 months to 6 years)

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