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Super Mario Bros: Air Koopa on DVD

Super Mario Bros: Air Koopa on DVD

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The Bird!: While crossing the Land of Ice, Toad gets kidnapped by a Giant Birdo who thinks the Mushroom is her missing baby. 
Mario's Magic Carpet: The Marios wage a wild magic carpet battle to save the Princessfrom being forced into King Koopa's harem. 
Stars in Their Eyes: Our heroes get chased to the Planet Quirk where Koopa has enslaved the natives and then puts the Marios into slavery. 
Mario and the Red Baron Koopa: When Koopa teams up with the dreaded sky turtle, Lakatu, our heroes head for an aerial dogfight in their flying carpet biplane. 
Count Koopula: Our heroes are lured into a spooky castle in the Land of turtlevania where Count IKoopula plans to turn the Princess into a spaghetti-sauce-sucking vampire.

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