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Ripper 2: Letter from Within on DVD

Ripper 2: Letter from Within on DVD

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BACK FROM THE GRAVE TO REDEEM HIS SOUL. Are you ready to go back into the mind of a killer? The memory of Jack the Ripper will always haunt this world, more so for Molly Keller, his direct descendant. imprisoned after two murderous rampages. Molly is sent to a mental institution in Europe, to undergo a radical and dangerous new treatment to cure her psychotic nature. Molly joins a group of young patients who are also there for the experimental treatment, and together they enter a world where the line between what's real and what's not is impossible to distinguish. When the Ripper enters this world and starts killing the patients one by one, Molly knows that death is the final way to stop the killings and in a horrifying climax, she is finally able to confront the demon inside her.

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