NCAA 06 March Madness for Playstation 2 Playstation Playstation 2 Game

NCAA 06 March Madness for Playstation 2

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  • Try the all-new Lockdown Stick - The right analog stick lets you pressure opponents and get aggressive with physical on-the-ball defense and force turnovers, deny passes, and jump into passing lanes
  • Level the playing field with diagrammed defensive playbooks - Play man-to-man or zone, or customize your playbook to suit your style
  • A true uptempo game - The new transition game lets you push the ball up the floor, dish to an open teammate, and ignite the fans with fast breaks
  • Players will feed off the Senior Leader - his abilities will affect the team's overall performance
  • 30-year Dynasty Mode - Check out upcoming teams, and players, or recruit high school and Junior College players with all-new stat tracking and player ratings