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Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD

Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD

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Given the film's high number of technical Oscar nods, it's not surprising that the DVD's second disc contains a whopping 11 featurettes. Each one covers an aspect of Geisha's lavish production, from set decorations to costume design to musical score (all of which were nominated). Another documentary, entitled "Sayuri's Journey: From Book to Screen," covers the adaptation of Arthur Golden's bestselling novel, while "Geisha Boot Camp" shows the arduous training the actresses went through to inhabit the grace and delicacy of their characters (trivia: their on-set consultant is an American, the only foreigner ever to become a geisha). Also astonishing is footage of Ziyi Zhang learning to walk--much less dance--in 12-inch platform flip-flops for her showstopping "snow" number. The other featurettes range from the in-depth (a profile of director Rob Marshall, including his personal relationship with producing partner John DeLuca) to the baffling (an entire supplement devoted to sumo wrestling, which is only featured in one scene in the film, and sushi recipes from famed Chef Nobu, who makes a cameo appearance in Geisha).

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