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Kambakkht Ishq on DVD

Kambakkht Ishq on DVD

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Kambakth Ishq has to be one of the most desperate attempts to make people laugh, atleast in recent memory. And out of all the so-called funny scenes, probably two are worth a laugh.

In one of the most stupid plots ever witnessed in an Akshay Kumar film, we have the leading lady (Kareena), a doctor, performing her first surgery on her male lead (Akshay), who is injured while performing a stunt. While operating she happens to leave her watch inside his stomach. The watch keeps playing Om Mangalam every hour, so loudly that it could put the best of audio speakers to shame. The doctor, worried of being sued, tries every trick in the book to get the watch out and even sleeps with him (or atleast she thinks so). Now, Akshay falls in love, so what does he do? He slips her into a bikini, takes her underwater and proposes.. What does Kareena do? Injects him out of his consciousness and performs a surgery to take the watch out. HECK! Couldn t she do that much earlier? Okay its a mindless entertainer, but neither is it entertaining or funny! 

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