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I Love Your Work on DVD

I Love Your Work on DVD

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Movie star Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) is at the top of his game: a seemingly endless supply of money, celebrity friends (Vince Vaughn), parties, a beautiful wife (Franka Potente)…and his name and image, known all around the world.

But with fame and fortune comes attention, and not always the kind that is wanted. Convinced that the ‘chance’ encounters that he has been having with his fans are not really coincidental, he looks to his bodyguard (Jared Harris) and a video store clerk (Joshua Jackson) for help – despite the protests of those around him. Is he truly paranoid, as they suggest? Or are they motivated by jealousy and spite? Has he found himself in the crosshairs of an obsessed fan…or is it someone much closer to him? Will one of the top movie stars in the world be able to survive, when he doesn’t even know who - or what- he is up against?

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