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HD Moods Aquarium 2.0 on Blu-Ray

HD Moods Aquarium 2.0 on Blu-Ray

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Its like having a real aquarium, only better! HD Moods Aquarium 2.0 gives you an experience you cannot get anywhere else: an ultra-clear picture shot in 4,000 lines of resolution and master specifically for high-def televisions and Blu-ray. Choose from six different themed chapters: classic clownfish, tropical fish in every color, maroon clownfish and anemone, calming ocean waves with beautiful coral, moon jellyfish, and a warm freshwater river with interesting marine life. And pick what you want to hear, from natural aquatic sounds, immersive ambient music or relaxing transcendental tones. 
BONUS: Includes a Standard Definition Aquarium 2.0

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