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Garfield the Movie on DVD

Garfield the Movie on DVD

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Every now and then, the CGI effects in Garfield: The Movie are less than perfect--which makes you realize how astonishingly seamless the rest of the effects are. When Garfield's owner, Jon (Breckin Meyer, Clueless), agrees to take in a homeless dog so as to flirt with a sexy veterinarian (Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Know What You Did Last Summer), Garfield does his best to oust the dog from the house. But when a greedy television performer (Stephen Tobolowsky, Bossa Nova) kidnaps the mutt for his own nefarious purposes, Garfield sets out on a rescue mission. Garfield is a terrible movie, yet there's something weirdly compelling in its awfulness. Bill Murray (Rushmore, Ghostbusters), who voices the fat cat, has mastered a comic style that wallows fondly in ridiculousness. Perhaps, seduced by the siren call of Murray's voice, the audience can only marvel at the sublime junk of our culture.

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