FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer Playstation 2

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Product Description

Welcome to the truly international sport of soccer as seen through the hardware of the PlayStation2 and FIFA Soccer World Championship. Detailed polygonal characters are designed with the faces of real soccer stars that can charge, pass, and score in smooth high-resolution animation. Select among European, North and South American, and Asian leagues, as well as World Cup national teams. FIFA Soccer World Championship enhances the traditional replay and multiangle camera functionality found in most soccer games. For example, this game allows you to rotate the ball-following camera around a 360-degree field.

Regardless of whether or not you're a soccer fan, there's plenty to love in FIFA 2001, a must-have sports title for the PlayStation2. In typical EA Sports fashion, this officially licensed product features a large selection of playable teams--more than 300 in fact, from 17 leagues and 58 countries--with gameplay presented in a TV-style format and voice commentary by professional sportscasters. In addition to three game modes (exhibition, season, and tournament), you can customize players, teams, leagues, and playoffs, giving this game some serious replay value.

A real beauty both to watch and to play, FIFA 2001 features some of the most highly detailed, smoothly animated player graphics around, and intuitive controls that are exceptionally easy to learn for a sports genre video game. The controls make this a great two-player pickup game, and even more can play provided you hook some controllers up to the separately sold Multitap accessory.

Gameplay favors arcade fun over the sober realism of some sports simulations, meaning there are bicycle-kick shots aplenty, and you can view instant replays using a 360-degree "free cam" to get a Hollywood-budget second look.

While FIFA 2001 is not without its flaws (poorly drawn spectators and untextured turf), and certainly has room for improvement ("barely there" training mode) and additions (what, no women's teams?), these gripes are relatively minor and easily overlooked in light of the major fun to be had. --Joe Hon


  • Great fun for both soccer enthusiasts and nonfans alike
  • Easy-to-learn, intuitive controls
  • Highly detailed, smoothly animated player graphics
  • Ability to customize players, teams, leagues, and playoffs
  • No women's teams
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