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Dynamic Putter Fitting on DVD

Dynamic Putter Fitting on DVD

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Includes never before seen high-speed photography of a 10-foot and 30-foot putt at 1/20,000th second shutter speed and 2,000 frames per second. In this comprehensive 2-hour video, Ralph Maltby, designer of the Maltby Dynamic Putter Fitting System, guides you through every step of dynamic putter fitting and putter alteration. He will show you how to effectively use all the putter fitting and alteration tools in the system as a method for improved putting, and he will walk you through a complete putter fitting session. Most importantly, however, Ralph will share some of his extensive research and expertise about the art and science of putting. After viewing this video, you will not only understand the mechanics of putter fitting, performance and alteration, you will have a much greater appreciation of the dynamics of the putting stroke.

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