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Dora the Explorer - Catch the Stars

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Product Description

Reach for the stars and grab more learning adventures with Dora the Explorer and her friends.

From the Back Cover

Star Catcher

Abuela gives Dora a special Star Pocket to catch Explorer Stars, and Dora sets out to become a Star Catcher! With Boots's help, she soon catches her first Explorer Star: Woo-hoo, the peekaboo star. But Swiper swipes the Star Pocket and ties it to a balloon that floats all the way up to Cloud Castle. Will Dora and Boots be able to get Woo-hoo and the Star Pocket back from the Prince of the Castle? You bet they will! But they'll need the help of other Explorer Stars - Glowy (the bright light star), Saltador (the jumping star), Noisy Star (the loudest star) and Morph (the Explorer Star that can change its shape)!

Star Mountain

Swiper swipes Dora's favorite necklace and flings it all the way to the top of Star Mountain! To get to the peak, Dora and Boots need to run up the Star Steps, climb up the Diamond, and make it through ice, wind and snow! Dora and Boots won't give up! They try and try again with the help of Explorer Stars Glowy (the bright light star), Tool Star (the star with all the cool gadgets), and Saltador (the jumping star)!


What are we going to do? Cockledoodledoo! Dora and Boots help their friend, Red Rooster, get to the Highest Hill so he can wake up the Sun. Along the way we practice making lots of noise. We wake up the frogs, the boat, the pigs and the Sun just in time for morning. !Buenos Dias!

Hide and Go Seek

Dora and her friends are super good at hiding, especially Senor Tucan when he hides in the colorful Rain Forest. If we can find all 8 friends, Senor Tucan promises to introduce us to his new baby toucans. Ready or not, let's go find them!


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