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Dark Heaven/ Dark Harvest Double Feature on DVD

Dark Heaven/ Dark Harvest Double Feature on DVD

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Dark Heaven: He may be the last man on earth. Nightmares tear at the edges of his sanity. Writer/director Douglas Schulze's DARK HEAVEN is an apocalyptic journey through desolate landscapes of lost faith and overwhelming grief. Wracked with guilt over the deaths of his beloved wife Amanda and their stillborn son Adam Gabriel Goodman returns to his job hoping to calm his tortured mind with the distraction of being a city cop. But Gabe discovers the world he once knew is gone forever. In a flash of light time stands still and Gabe is lost alone in a world of empty streets and vacant buildings. Haunted by memories of bloody violence Gabe is drawn to a once familiar church. There he is stalked by dark angels that seek to possess his very soul. Gabe soon encounters other unfortunate survivors who believe the end of the world has e and their only hope for salvation lies in locating the gateway to the herafter. Gabe is caught in a cosmic struggle that could reunite him with Amanda or seal the fate of his soul.

Devils Harvest: Daniel King (Chris John) is a struggling young artist enlivened at the prospect of returning to his hometown where he has been invited by his old friend Natasha (Carol Kentish) to make use of a house she has recently acquired. Daniel enthusiastically accepts despite his fiance Laura's (Lara Clancy) reservations; she accompanies him only reluctantly. Once they arrive Daniel seeks out Natasha leaving Laura to settle in alone and she immediately takes note of a few oddities about their new abode. An odd disturbing sequence of events ensues including an old recurring dream that returns to haunt Daniel's sleep the strangely frigid air of the house that is inconsistent with the season and an encounter with a crazed local priest (Brian Blessed ALEXANDER). When Daniel overhears a conversation about an old local legend at the village watering-hole he begins to suspect that an unnatural evil lurks in the depths of the ocean.

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