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Crosley Radio Audiophile Shelf System - Blaze DVDs

Crosley Radio Audiophile Shelf System

  • $ 39999

The Crosley Audiophile Shelf System is different than anything you've seen or heard before. Start with the clean, new-stalgic look that takes design cues from modern art and features gently rounded cabinet corners with sleek retro accents. Featuring a dock for iPad, iPhone or iPod that lets you hook up and charge your device and our very own Crosley AroundSound technology with two precision-crafted bookshelf speakers, the true magic of this little wonder lies in its ability to produce the cleanest, most consistent sound. This exclusive design philosophy eliminates hot spots and delivers a measurable difference in acoustic consistency. This translates into a more pleasurable listening experience, creating an enveloping effect that wraps the listener in a comfortable cocoon of pleasant, warm tones. Enjoy the vacuum loaded CD player and a precise AM/FM tuner, or connect any portable audio device with included hardware and prepare yourself for a unique listening experience.

Clean, "new-stalgic" Look

  • Features A Dock For Ipad, Iphone Or Ipod To Hook Up & Charge
  • Crosley Aroundsound Technology With Two Precision-crafted Bookshelf Speakers
  • Design Eliminates "hot Spots" & Delivers A Measurable Difference In Acoustic Consistency
  • Vacuum Loaded CD Player
  • Precise Am and fm Tuner
  • Connects To Any Portable Audio Device With Included Hardware

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