Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune - Discovering Water

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Product Description

ASIN: B00007J88T DESCRIPTION: From the beach to the bath -- a musical voyage!
-- Introduces babies to the wonders of water
-- Exposes little ones to whales, dolphins, fish, ducks and more

Within a baby's first year of life, new experiences can transform what might otherwise seem to be ordinary events into exciting opportunities for imaginative play. Baby Neptune™ exposes little ones to the wonders of water in their world -- whether they're stomping in the rain, splashing in the bathtub, playing "catch me if you can" with the tide on the beach, or "meeting" the fascinating creatures that live in rivers, lakes and oceans. Overflowing with captivating undersea footage and live-action visuals of delightful puppet shows, toys, and happy children, this fun-filled exploration of "water, water everywhere" also features the Water Music of George Frideric Handel to accompany you and your little one on your own interactive voyage of discovery! END

DVD Features
-- Repeat play
-- Discovery cards
-- On-screen aquarium
-- Toy chest

There's no denying a youngster's attraction to water, and the folks at Baby Einstein tap into that natural interest--and broaden it. They take babies and toddlers from bathtime to the beach, from tap water to waterfalls and geysers. A puppet octopus and duck serve as guides through clearly labeled sections: Ocean, Rivers and Lakes; Rain Drops and Puddles; Water at My House. A child speaks the title at the beginning and end of each unit, but those are the only words in this 24-minute "video board book." The rest of the sounds come courtesy of Handel, Telemann, Beethoven, and Johann Strauss. Both toy animals and real ones swim through the scenes and the footage of dolphins, sea turtles, and marina fish are fascinating enough that preschoolers won't mind sitting in with younger siblings. (Ages 1-3) --Kimberly Heinrichs

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