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Awesome I Shot That on DVD

Awesome I Shot That on DVD

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Directed by one "Nathanial Hornblower" and shot by 50 fans, Awesome is the Beastie Boys live and direct. (The full title includes a four-letter word in its six-letter-plus-apostrophe incarnation.) The place is New York's Madison Square Garden. The date is October 9, 2004. The show begins with scratching from DJ Mix Master Mike as the amateur operators, armed with Hi-8 cameras, get busy--from the audience, at the concession stands, and even in the bathrooms. Subtitled "An Authorized Bootleg," Awesome features the tracksuit-sporting trio, Mike D, Adrock, and MCA, running through numbers from all six records. (Later, they bust out the pastel tuxes for a pro-shot suite of jazz-funk.)

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