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11 Piece Resistance Band Set - Blaze DVDs

11 Piece Resistance Band Set

  • $ 499

Get ready to get your exercise on! This eleven piece resistance band set will get your heart pumping in no time. With 5 different bands included you will never be without a fitness option no matter your level. 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, and a door anchor are also included to give you the most exercises possible. Comes with a bag to keep your exercise equipment in one spot and ready for your next workout. Get your set today!

Yellow Band 5x8x1200mm - Extra Light ( 6 LBS - 8 LBS)

Green Band 4x8x1200mm - Light ( 9 LBS - 11 LBS)

Red Band 5x9x1200mm - Medium ( 12 LBS - 14 LBS)

Blue Band 5x10x1200mm - Heavy ( 15 LBS - 18 LBS)

Black Band 5x11x1200mm - Extra Heavy ( 22 LBS)

Each band is approximately 45 inches in length. 

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