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Game Party: In Motion - Xbox 360

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Product Description

Game Party is now BIGGER, BETTER and MORE FUN than ever before on Kinect for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Game Party: In Motion brings everyone's favorite party games directly into their living room and with no controller required players can jump right into the fun. With numerous games to choose from there is something for all ages and skill levels to play. Game Party: In Motion allows family and friends to connect, play and get the party started!


Game Party: In Motion is a family-friendly mini-game collection exclusively for Xbox 360 that utilizes the unique hands-free motion capture capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect Sensor.* The game contains 16 arcade influenced games including Darts, Hoop Shoot, Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more. Multiplayer functionality is at the core of the collection, with 2-4 player support available online and up to 16 player support available locally. Additional features include: the ability to use your Xbox LIVE avatar in-game and Facebook cross functionality.

A Unique Controller-free Party for Xbox 360

Get off the couch and get ready to party as Game Party: In Motion, and Microsoft Kinect, turn your living room into the ultimate fun-filled arcade. Working with Microsoft Kinect (sold separately), grab your friends and family and jump right into the action as you use the motion of your entire body to play 16 exciting games. Throw a football at moving targets as you dodge an oncoming rusher, toss ringers in a game of horseshoes, throw darts, play a two-handed racket sport game, shoot some hoops, and much, much more. Game Party: In Motion also lets you import your Xbox LIVE avatar for use as your representative in all mini-games and features Facebook functionality allowing players to post in-game Achievements onto their Facebook wall and set automatic notifications to Facebook friends when they have started a game. Finally, Game Party: In Motion features extensive multiplayer including 16 player local support in Tournament Mode and 2-4 player support in online play. Taken together its features it equates to the ultimate way for family and friends alike to connect, play and get things moving.

A controller free party utilizing Microsoft Kinect.
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The Kinect Sensor

The Kinect Sensor allows Xbox 360 players to experience gaming like never before - entirely controller-free. Easy to use and fun for everyone, the Kinect Sensor utilizes revolutionary full-body tracking technology based in a combination camera/microphone peripheral that is compatible with any Xbox 360 console. This amazing new technology allows the sensor to recognize individual player's bodies and mirror their movements in-game, in effect making you the controller. The sensor features a color VGA motion camera (640 x 480 pixel resolution @30FPS), a depth camera (640 x 480 pixel resolution @30FPS) and an array of 4 microphones supporting single speaker voice recognition.

Key Game Features

  • 16 Family Favorite Arcade Style Games - Games include Darts, Hoop Shoot, Rootbeer Tapper, Table Hockey and more
  • Get the Party Moving - Microsoft Kinect (sold separately and required for play) uses the natural movements of your body for total immersion
  • Multiplayer Action - Bring friends and family together to see who has the best skills and gets the highest score
  • Utilize Your Avatar - Import your Xbox LIVE avatar for use in-game
  • Tournaments - Multiplayer action available in all games as you get together with friends and family to see who brings their "A Game" to the party with up to 16 players in Tournament Mode
  • Online Play - Game Party: In Motion supports local and online head-to-head play for 2 to 4 players
  • Facebook Integration - Publish Xbox Achievements on your Facebook Wall and automatically notify Facebook friends when you are playing online so they can join the party

Additional Screenshots

* Microsoft Kinect Sensor required for play and sold separately.

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